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Meet the powerhouse behind Empower & Evolve Coaching. 

Life Coach for Men

I would be lying if I didn’t mention that it was less than easy to get Lisa to share a little bit about herself. She laughed, dodged questions, and even changed the subject now and again.

However, I was immediately drawn to her energy, and her honesty regarding how private she preferred to remain about her personal life. When reflecting on her career, Lisa admits that although her journey took her longer than she expected - she still arrived at a career that has checked every box. She admits that this is the happiest and most fulfilled she has ever felt.

Who says you’re supposed to have one career? Who says success comes easy? Lisa’s story is a proud example of how taking control of your life and putting in the effort, pays off!

Everyone's path is unique, and Lisa is no stranger to life’s tendencies to be unpredictable and complicated - but that’s not the point - Lisa explains that it’s how you respond to them that makes all the difference in the world. 

From a teacher to a counselor to a full-time life coach and founder of Empower and Evolve - Lisa doesn't just talk the talk, but she walks the walk as she lives out her advice day in and day out. She re-wrote her narrative and claimed back control over her future.

Lisa sat on her Master's Degree in counseling for years, as she pursued other careers and hobbies while raising her two children with her husband. ‘I took the cop-out route for a while. I played the mom card, blamed my husband’s busy schedule and I even got certified in yoga, which all were just excuses that helped me stay comfortably stuck', Lisa explains.

The thing about excuses is - they're just SO EASY to make! Lisa had convinced herself that she was making the right choices, when in reality, underneath it all, she was terrified to disrupt the norm and the very real possibility of failure.  "The only one I was failing was myself. I know now, they were just assumptions and roadblocks preventing me from living to my fullest potential”, Lisa admits. 


Pursuing your biggest goals can be scary. In your mind, before giving it a shot - your goals stay untainted, you can’t fail because you haven’t tried - except you can’t ever reach them either. You have to take those first steps. 


Lisa realized that everything in her life kept circling back to her one true passion - being a full-time life coach and in a moment of true reflection, she decided,

I am doing this...

And she hasn't looked back since. 

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Over the years, Empower and Evolve has become synonymous with Lisa’s ability to transform lives and her NO EXCUSES attitude. She shows up when needed. She’s committed and puts in the hard work (if you’re committed to doing the same). Her love, commitment, passion, and firm belief in life coaching were evident throughout our conversations. She stands behind everything she says and her client testimonials speak volumes of who she is.

As we wrapped up our interview, I closed off by asking Lisa why she had waited so long before launching a website. Once again, she laughed and said, “My clients have been my website, marketing, and business cards. I've always struggled to find the right words when trying to explain just how much power emulates from each unique session with a client".


Over the holiday break, Lisa's kids gave her a little bit of tough love about how her business needed to evolve with the times. "The time for a website was yesterday, Mom!", they teased. 

They gave her a dose of her own medicine by giving her one of her biggest challenges to date - PUTTING HERSELF OUT THERE. 


Challenge accepted and delivered! 


Now let's get to business. With Lisa as your coach, you can walk away knowing she's got you.

"You are not alone and no one ... and I mean no one, on my team goes down."

- Lisa

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