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Why Empower and Evolve? Why Lisa? 

I get it, you’re comfortable, you’ve got your routine, you’re okay. But are you truly happy? Are you living your life to your fullest potential, or are you stuck in the monotony of your daily grind? Are you possibly sitting on the sideline watching someone else living the life you’ve always planned on having - saying to yourself, ‘that could have been me’? This is your time to step up. Don’t believe me? Below are are some of Lisa’s clients who went for it, are working hard, and continue to become the best version of themselves through Empower and Evolve Life Coaching.


Those are the EXACT words Lisa shared with me during our initial meeting.  Each one of her clients represents a unique success story. Their stories are real, raw, and include failures, victories, and dedication. They didn’t give up and decided to take control back over their lives. Lisa always says, “No one on my team goes down”.  She wasn’t kidding.


Here’s what they have to say:



“I began working with Lisa several months ago and the experience has, and continues to be, incredibly rewarding and valuable. Lisa is very engaged, attentive, and action-oriented, which works well for my busy schedule. I am comfortable sharing the ‘uncomfortable’ with Lisa and together we are working towards deepening and improving my relationships and building a more positive outlook on life."

- 57-year-old, male client with strength and confidence that he continues to discover

She challenges you in a non-judgmental way to become a better person in everything that you do.  Lisa helped me clarify what I was striving for – her engaging personality made me feel at ease.  Her coaching assisted me in developing the next steps in my career while addressing some personal challenges that I have been going through.


Our sessions have given me the time to reflect on my successes and failures and how to look at both in different ways, which has empowered me in both aspects of my life. 


Lisa has helped me build a life plan that has invoked many positive changes in my life that have benefited me both professionally and personally.  Together we continue to work on personal growth goals.  

- 56 year old, male client who just wanted to see what this was all about… 2 years later and bringing it in a BIG way! 

As an upcoming senior in college, I found myself struggling with extreme anxiety about where my future would lead. The mix of a lack of time management skills and the inability to realize a fuller potential made it extremely difficult to stretch my horizons. My experience with Lisa was a huge success. 

Lisa just gets me! There is a safe space that is felt immediately in her presence and you find that as you are talking to her. Lisa is a great listener and is able to reflect back to me my own experience. 
She continues to assist me in defining my objectives and identifying the roadblocks preventing me from achieving them. Lisa holding me accountable has led me to become more successful and productive across the board, resulting in me learning how to hold myself accountable. I find myself much more grounded in my values and confident about pursuing goals. 

It enabled me to realize that I DO have wonderful qualities which help me to contribute to the world we live in.  Lisa’s unique insight lends to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. I am beyond thankful our paths have crossed, Lisa is indeed exceptional. 

- 21-year-old, badass female client who continues to dig deep in finding her self-worth and confidence

When I started working with Lisa, my mind was a cluttered mess and through her coaching process, she helped bring clarity by guiding me through organizing my thoughts and developing a clear way of processing and moving through each obstacle. 

In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed by what I only saw as obstacles, but Lisa helped me put them into perspective and break things down into manageable portions.  As I worked through each step of our plan, it was incredibly empowering which has encouraged me to keep working on my own self-evolution. 

51 year old, female who has unearthed her voice, passions, and true self - continue to GET.IT.GIRL!

Lisa has made such a significant impact on my daughter's life in a short time. She has this unique balance of making you feel so comfortable to discuss any issue while providing that tough love when needed. She is incredibly encouraging but keeps things real.

Lisa is so deeply passionate about what she does that you can feel the energy every time you speak with her and it makes you want to accomplish the goals she sets for you and makes you want to do better. 
Lisa is incredibly available and responsive.  My daughter has told me on numerous occasions that she has reached out to Lisa and there has never been a time that she wasn’t there to provide additional guidance and support. 
In a relatively short amount of time, I have seen such a significant change in my daughter since she began her journey with Lisa. My daughter has become more organized, accountable, positive, less anxiety-ridden, and overall has much more confidence in herself. My daughter is at such a critical stage in her life and I truly believe that without Lisa‘s guidance and support she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what she has in the last several months. I can clearly see the increased confidence that my daughter has now after working with Lisa.  

- 54-year-old PROUD and grateful Mama

I began working with Lisa in September of 2020. At this point in the pandemic, I had recently graduated from college and was 6 months into working my first full-time job. I was stuck at home, I was struggling in my career, and felt like I didn’t have any control or power over my life. Simply put, I was stuck and didn’t know the next step forward. 
A friend referred me to Lisa because he recognized I was going through the same feelings of hopelessness he had felt prior to beginning working with Lisa. 
Immediately, we got to work! To be clear, taking back control and finding direction is hard work, but it is work worth doing because there is nothing more important than our own happiness. Lisa has been there for me from my lowest point, and we started slow but it doesn’t matter the pace as long as you take steps to move forward. It can be a sprint, walk, or baby steps. She will work based on your comfortability level and help you to improve with as much attention and drive you are willing to work with. 
Through my work with Lisa, I was able to figure out what my true core values were and align aspects of my life to pursue goals that fit those values. As a result, I am much happier because I can see the path forward and how to get there. 
I would recommend Lisa to anyone who feels they want to improve their lives and is willing to dig deep to find out what matters to you so you can go out and pursue it. 
Lisa has been there for me every step of the way and I am eternally grateful to be on her team.

- 25-year-old male who learned how to set boundaries and take action in order to see great change

I first started working with Lisa as I was going through some major life transitions (divorce, moving, new job, and more).  Lisa was able to help and guide me through finding a better way to approach problems while coaching me to take the necessary steps to break away from habits of avoidance and face each day's challenges as they come, rather than worry about what may happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday.  Lisa's style of coaching with purpose spoke directly to me in a way other forms have fallen short in the past.  She has been a welcome addition to my life.

- 45-year-old male who weathered many storms and is proudly and undoubtedly living his best life yet 

Actions speak louder than words…

Take a deep breath...

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